MHSKnight.gif (6819 bytes)   July 1999 Scottsdale, AZ Reunion

The Class of 1968

ClassOf1968 from Cindy Guerra

Thanks to Cindy Guerra for the photo!  Names are left to right, all rows.
Row 3: Daniel Neeley, James Noel, Joe Trevino, & Steve Sibler.
Row 2: Pat Graff, Bill Coleman, Bonnie (Bassett) Hazewski, Criss (Vincenti) Thompson, John Sawchak, & Tom Hamlyn.
Row 1: Kris (Claypoole) Lehane, Wendy (Geier) Clines, Cindy (Guerra) Holmes, Deana (Snook) Hammett, & Dawn (Jurgens) Cerf.

The Class of 1969

ClassOf1969Jul1999_300dpi.jpg (142014 bytes)

A big prize to the alum who sends me all the names of the people in this photo,
in order, first.  Well, maybe not a BIG prize.  OK, I'll buy you  beer or sangria at the
next reunion.  BTW, let's here it for the Zierk brothers who showed up en masse!  
And Kenyon and Fabiani, you guys are looking pretty happy!  How about that
original 1969 shirt!

The Class of 1970   Yes, the best!

Class of 1970 Scottsdale Reunion,July 1999

Alright, same deal, who knows all the names?  Hey Becky, only your brother is supposed to be
in our class!  Having me and Jennifer Fox in the same class photo probably covers both ends of the
grade point spectrum!  How come all the women got better looking and all the guys got older looking?

The Classes of 1971 & 1972

ClassOf1971SetUp1999R_75dpi.jpg (26982 bytes)Hey, can't you juniors & sophomores get organized?  You'll always be underclassmen to me, I guess my life is based upon a high school paradigm. 
Thanks to Nancy Geier for photo. 
ClassOf1971SetUp1999R_144dpi.jpg (30630 bytes)Still trying to set up.  Apparently all discipline was lost when my class left the high school. 
Thanks to Jennifer Fox for photo.
ClassOf1971Jul1999.jpg (132988 bytes)The final photo!  
Not too bad for juniors & sophomores!  You know, there are some great folks in those classes.   Even you Doolittle. 

And how about some names?  BTW, how come Janega's in your class too? 

Click here to go to more photos from the 1999 reunion. 


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