MHSKnight.gif (6819 bytes) July 1999 Scottsdale, AZ Reunion
Reunion Photos
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It's Pool Time!

PEHJohnDHDawn.jpg (46577 bytes)Patrica Hirsch, John D-H & Dawn Jergens,
this is a dream...
JanegaKissingDH.jpg (55160 bytes)And this is a bad dream! 

Help! The Janega's got me!
JoeGregJenLouieCandyPat.jpg (189468 bytes)Great group photo!  Joe Trevino, Greg Houston, Jennifer Fox, Louie Oana, Candy Moon, Pat Snell. 
LouieO_DebRobiesonKirby1999.jpg (230410 bytes)This is Deb Robieson and Louie Oana.  Where'd you get that shirt Louie? 

The Blues Brothers & YMCA!

BluesBrosA1999.jpg (20613 bytes)Oh Steve, I hear you! BluesBrosB1999.jpg (12932 bytes)Blow that horn Joe! BluesBrosC1999.jpg (19801 bytes)What a backup band!  Tear it up Cindy, Deanna, & Joe!
YMCAa1999.jpg (95352 bytes)Hey how 'bout them YMCA party animals? 

And Dancing & Hangin' Out

JenniferFoxJDH1999.jpg (52540 bytes)And here is me and Jennifer Fox who was our valedictorian and is now a doctor, and a great partier!  And a great outfit Jen! Louie Oana & John D-H 1999 ReunionHey, its me and Louie Oana!  And for those who didn't  hear much about us in high school, this is a very surprising photo.  (Not only because I'm the one with the letter jacket on!) ChrisBeuryJDHb.jpg (90482 bytes)Yes, it is me and Chris Beury cutting a rug.  Yes I know she is very pretty and I have a shirt on that looks very strange.  But I think it looked OK that night... really.  
JohnDH_PEH.jpg (36441 bytes)Patricia Hirsch & John D-H. 
I had no idea life would be so good 30 years after high school!
PrettyTable1999.jpg (131228 bytes)Nice table!  Standing: Barb Woodring, Mary Guerra, Cindy Guerra, Sitting: Criss Vincenti, Wendy Geier, Deanna Snook BobGuerraBarbWoodring999.jpg (42016 bytes)Bob Guerra & Barb Woodring.  What ARE you doing with your hands Bob?  Is that Kris Geier behind you?
GregH_DebRobiesonKirby1999.jpg (67773 bytes)Two of 71's best, Deb Robieson and Greg Houston BarbWoodringLavelle.jpg (55637 bytes)Barb Woodring on the dance floor, again!  And the dude is who? ... that you Lavelle? KenyonWendyGeier.jpg (89491 bytes)Wendy Geier &
Paul Kenyon.  
OK, which one looks happier? 
OanaSharronFabiani.jpg (42029 bytes)Louie Oana & Sharron Fabiani, who looks beautiful, as always.  Louie, well he looks a little scary in this photo.   BernieDebPatTammie71.jpg (186888 bytes)1971 babes lookin' good! 
Bernie Hohl, Deb Robieson,  Pat Irwin, & Tammie Hight.
PetePennyDoolittle.jpg (40757 bytes)Pete & Penny Doolittle.  And, no, for the 100th time, that is not his sister Penny.   This is the Penny whose brother dropped Pete down a mineshaft.  Great story!
Pat & Alexis SnellPat & Alexis Snell.  Newlyweds and what a pretty and happy couple they are.  TammieHightKenyonChrisBeury1999.jpg (46908 bytes)Tammie Hight, Paul Kenyon, & Chris Beury.  A thorn between roses.   
Dandelion.gif (4087 bytes)

Remember my friends, we grow ANYWHERE
And you are the only hometown most of us have. 
Thanks for being there, we had a helluva time!

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