The D-H Family Trip to Spain
June 2002

One caution.... when you click on the thumbnails of the large photos the large photos will begin to download.  The large photos are BIG.  You will like the detail but if you are on a 56k line it will take a while to download them. 

Segovia & Avila
Just driving past
Airport environs
 Royal Oaks massively renovated

I was not able to gain admittance to Torrejón Air Force Base this trip because it is now exclusively a Spanish military base.  Compared to our last visit to Spain in 1983, and with when I lived there in the late 1960s, Spain has come a long way.  The people are taller, better dressed and clearly more prosperous.  It has little of the third world poverty and fascist oppression that was clearly in evidence in the late 60s.  It does seem much more European (and dare I say American) in its modern culture.  The level of modern farming is staggering.  The Spaniards have also done an incredible job of restoring many historical places. 


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