Some 2002 Photos of
Royal Oaks
(Los Encinar de los Reyes)

This was the US military housing area north of Madrid and adjacent to La Moraleja. 
It is now a very pricey and attractive suburban development

Calle Camino del Encinar.  This is next to the circle in the middle of ROaks

Construction, this is looking from the circle down the road towards the fruteria and front entrance to ROaks

This is the park in the middle of ROaks

This is the cross road that bordered the park.

Vereda de Palacio more nice condos and apartments across from the park

The circle looking east towards where the pool used to be

The circle looking south towards Madrid, note guys hanging out on bench

The circle looking northwest at the new shopping area under construction

The fruteria, still standing. 

Across from the fruteria some of the few remaining original quad units

Next door to the fruteria

Former site of Quarters 7A Casa Heitlinger in the late 1960s

The road leading past the former 6 single units, note lavender planings

Front entrance with original circle

From the front entrane looking at where the Guardia station was

Front entrance to El Encinar de los Reyes

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