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Madrid High School
1967 - 1970 Photos
Ray Shepherd photographer of most of them

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Melissa Harte, Pat Fanno, & John D-H
(be still my heart) 
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Clockwise (starting at 12 o'clock, I still love that Air Force stuff!) Alan Ripberger, Pat Fanno,
John D-H, Melissa Harte, Tom Brown. 
Top of the Mesa
A trip to the mesa near the base with some of the very best from the classes of 1970 & 1971. 
Click photo for a blow up
Back row on the wall:
Alan Ripberger, John D-H, Debbie Jackson, Bob Bieck,

Bob Corliss, Kathy Standage, Greg Lavelle
Front row on the ground:
Mark Ripberger, Rick Bowles, Debbie Goodyear,

Deede Charbonneau
Everyone know that the Ripbergers settled in Australia? Alan sounds a lot like Crocodile Dundee now.  He lives in Adelaide with his family and the last time I talked to him he was  "working for a scaffolding mob and clearing 'roos" off his new land.
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Anyone remember taking the P29 into Madrid? The P29 bus ticket I included here was the expensive one for Sundays, 4 pesetas. On work days it was 3 pesetas.  This bus took us from Royal Oaks to Madrid and back many, many times.


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