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High School Association
If you are not already a member, why not?
The way most of us got in touch with each other was through the Association.  So, please join if you can.
It is the database work, mailings, and reunion planning by the Association that let's all of us enjoy each other's company.
Heck, we are the only hometown many of us have!
Official M/THSA website:

Here are some photos and memorabilia from Spain 1967-1970.  And some reunion photos and other stuff.  When you choose a page be prepared to wait a bit.  The pages are mostly photos and a little text, so they can take a while to load.   Make sure you check out the other websites from other Madrileños.   Please leave your Email address where asked.  I have already helped a few of folks find lost, best friends & Email addresses left by visitors helped.  Steve borrowed a couple of my photos but he paid me $200,000 in royalties so its OK. Click the highlighted image photo or text to see more!

  • bull1.gif (87918 bytes)Bullfighting at the Finca by John and other guys willing to try their hand at being a matador.

  • footblla.gif (239660 bytes)Well how about a picture of the Fall 1968 football team? How many can you identify?  There is also a Lettermen's Club card and a ticket to Benidorm from our 1970 M-Club trip. 

  • Miscellania & photos circa 1967-70,
      HarteFanno (54509 bytes)     mesa1.gif (183599 bytes)     5spainki.jpg (92933 bytes)   P29tickt.gif (20482 bytes)

  • Alas, Royal Oaks is no more. Much of it was torn down in the mid-1990s to make room for Madrid's pricey urban sprawl. It is now a very upscale community. 

  •  YrBk70a.gif (92289 bytes) 1970 Yearbook pictures  70YearbookMaleCheerleaders.gif (94668 bytes)

  • Texas Reunion 1987    Class of 1970,
    click it for a bigger version! reun86.gif (268093 bytes)

  • Phoenix Wigwam Reunion 1993   Click for more!
    R93TableDHFabianiJanegaetal.jpg (181016 bytes)    R93McCabeMillsJanega.jpg (211778 bytes)   DH and Pool Babes

  • Nashville Knights Reunion 1996  Class Photos
    1968 & 1969 r96_1969.jpg (727628 bytes)  1970 r96_1970.jpg (718898 bytes)  1971 r96_1971.jpg (802334 bytes)

  • Phoenix/Scottsdale Reunion 1999 Click for more!
    Class Photos from 1999 Reunion Class Photos    Fun 1999 Reunion Photos Other Photos
  • Wanted Posters!
    Let me know if you want to add a wanted poster to the list.
1983 D-H trip to Spain
Photos, including Torrejón & RoyalOaks
2002 D-H trip to Spain
Photos, including RoyalOaks
Other Madrid /Torrejón Links:  

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