Welcome to American History!


As you study the history of the United States this year, you will encounter many events, people and places--some familiar, some new.  Our country’s past demonstrates that while many things have changed, other values and ideals remain constant.  Over the centuries individuals and groups have shaped our nation into what it is today; from our humble beginnings we have grown in size and influence. 


Together let us explore our nation’s past in preparation for the role you will assume before long as voting citizens, responsible for the future direction of the United States of America.


Ms. D-H



“The most important lesson of American history is the promise of the unexpected.  None of our ancestors would have imagined settling way over here on this unknown continent.  So we must continue to have society that is hospitable to the unexpected, which allows possibilities to develop beyond our own imaginings.”


Daniel J. Boorstin  (1914-2004)

American social historian, educator and Librarian of Congress