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Madrid/Torrejon High School
1996 Nashville Knights Reunion

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Here are the classes of 1968 & 1969 --
face it, we are all jealous of 69's number!  Hey, Jon  Mills & Steve Sibler,
you've got shirts just like screen savers! 
And Mike McCabe, what are you doing? Surfing? 
If you look closely you'll se that Sharron Fabiani & Carmen Brlanga are jointly wearing one shirt. 
note Steve Janega, for the first time
Click on the photos for a bigger view!

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Now this is my class, the class of 1970,
Oh yes, we ARE heavenly!
note some of the very best. 
How come Bob Bieck still looks cocky and
Michelle Harte still looks like regal?  
Note Janega, again & Beth!  Hey is that Bob Corliss and Ray Shepherd in the background? 
Greg Lavelle & Barb Woodring,
still Beauty and the Beast! 
BTW, Janega is really ours, he just is trying to suck up to the other classes by appearing in them. 
r96C1971.jpg (802334 bytes)
Wow, these 1971 Juniors turned out OK! 
In fact, I fell in love with a couple of them (maybe more). But hey, I've always been a sucker for beauty & intelligence!
Anybody remember the fragarant, deep blue Spanish nights in Royal Oaks and Madrid. 
OoooOoooh, walking underneath the Royal Oak trees, & along the winding roads, and in our late teens . . . mmmMmmmMmmmHuuhh!
Hey, Bowles you are still good looking!  And how about that McCaa and Doolittle!
Note Janega, yet again

BYW, if you didn't return to the hotel
in a Dominos Pizza car or
visit Dangerous Threads you may have missed some very good times at the Nashville reunion !
(Thanks again to Ray Shepherd to giving Mohammed directions back to the hotel)
Hey, got any other photos? 
Let me know and I'll see if I can post them. 

if you listen to Bonnie Raitt's Nick of Time CD when looking through this website you'll get the same feeling I had creating it!   . . . 
well maybe some Basil Hayden Bourbon would probably help too!

Please come to the reunion in 1999.  We had something special in Espaņa.  A lot of people live their whole lives without anything so special, the reunions can let us feel it again. 
And, hey!  No Guardia or Air Police to chase us!


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