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Madrid/Torrejon High School
1990 Washington, D.C. Reunion

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Hey!  Me, Ray Shepherd, & Deede Charbonneau . . . talk about a rose between the thorns!  Did you know Ray made Colonel in the Air Force?
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How about  Becky Churchill, Pat Snell, & Carmen Berlanga? . . . a thorn betwen the roses? 
Note 1969 Accolade

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And here is a photo of Kathy Standage, John D-H, Deede Charbonneau, & John Fernandez.  Pretty classy company for the guy with the big forehead. 
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Wow!  Me and Jon Mills.  I always remembered Jon as a guy who didn't tow the line because it was the line.  He has helped me through the years say,   "Yeah, but why are we doing this?" 
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Now here is Kathy Standage, Vicki Metzger, Candy Harte, & Paul Amiel. 
(How come Paul got to be in the photo?) 
Got any others? 


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