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Madrid High
School Knights

Well how about a picture of the Fall 1968 football team? How many can you identify?

How about a Lettermen's Club card from the 1969-1970 year?
Hey, Bolster and Schmehl, so when are you coming to the reunions? You two are former Madrid Olympians.
I took a vote at the last reunion and we all want to see you there.
And if Ralph comes I promise we will find curtains to climb or something equally crazy.
C'mon Ralph, Paul and Candy come to the reunions.
And maybe we can get Rudolphy to come!
Last time I talked to her it sounded like she had a wonderful pair of teenage boys.

Anyone else remember the car wash fundraiser we had? I
remember the high point being that several folks gave us their keys not realizing that we couldn't
drive in Spain because of the 18 driving age. We got to drive SEAT 600s as fast as they could go.
Wow! (Well not very wow but it sure beat walking.)
Well we took the money and with the coach's help, those of us who could went to Benidorm for the Easter week.
The other guys got a night on the town. Does anyone else find this both outrageous and wonderful?
Anybody remember the horse blanket ponchos? How about Club 007 and Bar Jesus?


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