MHSKnight.gif (6819 bytes)   Royal Oaks

El Encinar de los Reyes, Royal Oaks -- the teenager's playground with machinegun toting Guardia Civil to keep us safe.
Oh, I remember delivering the Star and Stripes and literally being clotheslined when cutting between yards at night.  I remember hiding from the Air Police following a Halloween volley of eggs. (I'm sure I was not involved. Yes, in fact I'm sure I was only there to discourage several miscreants from pursuing such an outrageous course of action.)
Remember the "Fruteria"?  Remember the Stables?  Remember La Moraleja?   I understand there is a several decade tradition (through the 1990s) of sneaking up into the rich folk's domain for illicit whatever.

I can't tell you the number of times I rode the P29 bus from Roaks to Plaza Castilla.   It was 4 pts on Sunday and holidays and 3 pts on workdays.  What did a cab cost in the late 60s?   Like $3 to go from downtown JJs and the Stones to Royal Oaks?


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