Alexis's Page

Alexis.jpg (575489 bytes)When I was little!

When I was a junior football cheerleader

AlexisFiddlerOTR.jpg (106832 bytes)After being stage manager for Fiddler on the Roof

Alexis8thGradeDance1999B.jpg (165394 bytes)May 1999

Friends & Relatives

AlexisMegsWedding.jpg (129776 bytes)Me as a bridesmaid at my Aunt Meg's wedding.  My cousin Melissa is next to me.  Alexis & Claire in Las VegasMe and Claire in front of New York, New York in Las Vegas. AlexisCousinsMuseum.jpg (131142 bytes)Me and my cousins in the Metropolitai   Museum of Art in New York

The Backstreet Boys

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You can EMail me at

Please check-in, especially if you are a SIGC alumni.


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