The Course of American History

Civil War Webquest

The Civil War was a tragic period in American History. Nearly 150 years later people still visit Civil War battle sites and pore over museum exhibits. Others collect Civil War memorabilia and reenact battles and events from the Civil War.


For your Civil War project you will complete a webquest. It is located at the link below:









 When you get to the site, begin by reading the background on the Civil War and the introduction to the webquest.

 Next read the task and process to find out more about the project.

 Now you are ready to select your topic from the Resources 6 page. You are to select three topics in order of preference and submit them to me on an index card; I will approve your topic.

 When you receive your approved topic, you are ready to begin! Use the links provided with the Resources 6 page to research your topic.

 Use the Advice page for prompts on what information to include.

 Note: Your final project will be submitted in PowerPoint, not Hyperstudio. Refer to your Civil War webquest handout for the PowerPoint guidelines and rubric.

 Refer to your handout for the project due date.





Civil War Resources to Explore

Some additional sites of interest to Civil War buffs:


American Civil

A good website for an overview of the issues, people, places, and battles.


Civil War Photographs

Photography was available to record firsthand images of the Civil War. The National Archive is one of many sites where you may view moving images of the times.